WICIs CareFlows and Home Care

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Cloud CareFlows + Live Vital Signs + Video
WiCis TeleHealth Solutions

Secure, HIPAA compliant 100% cloud based solutions that cover entire workflows, from pre-admission to hospital to home care – all with the capability of displaying live data inside any form. 

You can follow a patient at home for as long as needed days with live data and video-cams.

Price includes: 

  1. Wearables (ONE FDA approved Pulse Oximeter, 1 temp module)
  2. CareFlows (10 seats - one seat = 1 user email address)
  3. ONE Windows Tablet for home monitoring, video-conferencing
  4. ONE External video camera
  5. HD Video Conferencing 15 minutes a day
  6. ONE Android Smartphone
  7. ONE WiCis I-Streme App with unlimited data saving to the cloud
  8. ONE time set-up fees

Initial pricing below includes all of the above, plus FIRST month. Subsequent months are $719. Minimum contract is 12 months.

CareFlows include: (10 seats steps 2-5 and 1 seat step 6)

  1. Pre-Op form filled out by patient (unlimited patients)
  2. Pre-Op Nurse form filled out when patient is called before surgery
  3. Admit to PACU form
  4. Intra-Op Circulator's Form
  5. PACU nurse form plus discharge
  6. Home-Care Form (1 seat)