I-Streme Defense

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I-Streme Defense

Our Defense solution offers for both soldiers and medics bio-metrics and tracking data with an unlimited data plan both for Thuraya and our solution. The solution requires an Android phone with rugged protection.

Our package is energy independent and all devices can be charged and maintained with portable solar panels and batteries.

For data security, we can install our server software behind YOUR firewalls where YOU handle data integrity and security.

All of our solutions have been tested in the most rugged environments!

All of our wearables are hospital grade quality and have been tested in hospitals in the United States against FDA approved devices.

I-Streme Soldier allows an individual to stream bio-metrics, geo-location data, send SOS, send text, send pictures EVERY SECOND to our server where data can be seen anywhere in the planet with a 1-2 second delay.

I-Streme Medic allows a paramedic to connect a medical monitor with hospital capabilities to a wounded individual on the field, and then stream this data every second to our server when using the Thuraya IP+. 

Please contact us directly for a quote for your solution.

I-Streme Soldier

Weight of entire solution (solar charger, lithium battery, smartphone, satphone and wearables is approximately 5 lbs (2.2 kgs) and can be strapped to backpack.

Voltaic 10W Portable Solar Charger
Satellite Communications
       Thuraya Satsleeve
       Unlimited GMPRS Data Package
Bio-metric data sensors



Pulse Oximeter

Heart Rate Monitor

App and Cloud
Android App
Cloud Web App + Storage (3GB/Month)

I-Streme Medic

Weight of entire solution (solar charger, 100W battery bar, smartphone, IP+ and wearables is approximately 12 lbs (5.4 kgs). Easy to carry in 12x18" sturdy case.

30W Portable Solar Panels + Energy Bar
Satellite Communications
Thuraya IP+ Broadband Terminal
Unlimited Data Package
Wi-Fi, WiCis Compatible Medical Monitor
Blood Pressure, Temp x 2, EKG, Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation
Just turn it on, connect it to the IP+ wifi spot, and it streams directly to our server both numerical data and waveforms every second.