Globalstar GSP-1700 + Sidekick + GDK-1700 Data Kit

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This package comprises a ready to go solution with Globalstar GSP-1700 satphone Sidekick for allowing your satphone to become a Wi-Fi Hotspot.


You will need an Android phone with at least version android 4.4 installed.
GSP-1700 Phone - FREE*


Stream wearables, geo-location, get OCENS SpotCast Extreme Weather, post to social, SOS from anywhere in the world covered by Iridium. 


The solution includes:
1. Globalstar GSP-1700 phone
2. Sidekick to allow your phone to become a Wi-Fi hotspot

3. GDK 1700 Data Kit

You will need to buy separately:
1. WiCis-Sports subscription to-Streme app from Playstore ($39.95)
2. Aitime: Please click here for subscribing to a data plan. NOTE THAT PHONE IS FREE WITH DATA PLAN!
Please note that the WiCis app consumes 15 to 60 seconds of airtime per connection.